Amazon Ads Launches Climate Pledge Friendly Day

Amazon Ads Launches

More sustainable items are becoming the preference of American customers when making judgments about what to buy. A research conducted by Amazon Ads in 2023 found that 63% of American consumers actively search for brands that use sustainable business methods. In an effort to reach consumers with messaging that promotes their environmental efforts, brands are working to integrate sustainability elements into their goods and help consumers make environmentally conscious choices in their daily lives.

Ten years before the Paris Agreement, in 2019, Amazon co-founded and signed. The Climate Pledge, pledging to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by that time. Motivated by this dedication, Amazon introduced the Climate Pledge Friendly (CPF) initiative, assisting consumers in locating products that bear certifications from both first- and third-party sustainability bodies.

During Earth Month, on April 15, Amazon Ads and CPF will introduce Climate Pledge Friendly Day. The new CPF event page will host this 24-hour event, which will offer discounts to customers on CPF products in a variety of verticals (e.g., groceries, beauty, home, electronics). Through a fresh, updated on-site experience, Amazon Ads and CPF will make it easier for shoppers to find and purchase for CPF products both before and during Earth Month. This is an attempt to fulfill consumer demand for browsing more environmentally friendly items and learning about the CPF program.

“This event will make it easier for our customers to find CPF-badged products in April as they are looking for more sustainable items,” stated Nancy Wine, director of U.S. advertisements for groceries.

In addition to new on-site sponsorships, advertisers will have the chance to interact with consumers during Earth Month and CPF Day by promoting their CPF products and/or sustainable initiatives. A range of display, video, and audio packages across Amazon Ads solutions will also be available to help brands tell their story. This covers options like Wondery, IMDb, Sponsored Twitch Streams, Stream It Forward, personalized Amazon Music playlists, and more.

Additionally, marketers may use Streaming TV creative templates to boost their storytelling efforts and reach new consumers.

Wine stated, “Brands have demonstrated an increasing commitment to sustainability efforts and improvements.” “Amazon Ads offers a range of storytelling platforms and tools to assist brands in communicating their sustainability initiatives to consumers.”
A label indicating a product’s certification by one or more of 50 third- or first-party sustainability certifications, such as verified and respected certifications like Fair Trade Certified, the Forest Stewardship Council, and Energy Star Most Efficient, or one of Amazon-developed certifications like Compact by Design and Pre-owned Certified, is used to identify CPF products in Amazon’s store. Over 500,000 CPF goods are available in the wellness, cosmetics, clothing, home, and other categories.

Research from Amazon Advertising indicates that there is an increase in CPF shoppers in a lot of categories. For instance, during the study’s one-year timeframe, almost 25 million consumers bought at least one CPF product from the grocery category. 1.

“The goal of the Climate Pledge Friendly program at Amazon is to help customers find products that are consistent with their values,” stated Cameron Westfall, the program supervisor. “We’re thrilled to offer a shopping experience in honor of Earth Month that enables customers to find more environmentally friendly products through Climate Pledge Friendly, supporting our mission to preserve the natural world.”

Amazon Ads stated this year that it had joined Ad Net Zero, the advertising industry’s partnership to lower the carbon footprint of creating, producing, and running advertising to net zero, to further its sustainability activities. Ad Net Zero, through its membership, represents over 40% of global ad spend and includes some of the biggest agencies, brands, and digital startups in the business. The collective demands to lower operational carbon emissions, agencies, and marketing services firms should measure consumption data every year, such as electricity usage, business travel, and waste production.

Speak with your Amazon Ads account executive about advertising your Climate Pledge Friendly products.

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