Amazon Ads’ Compliance Journey: Navigating the Digital Markets Act (DMA) in the EU.

Amazon Ads compliance journey

A regulation in the European Union (EU) called the Digital Markets Act (DMA) introduces a number of obligations and goes into force on March 6. Amazon was designated as a “gatekeeper” in September 2023.

Amazon Ads has been cooperating with the European Commission since being designated, and it is now making changes to ensure compliance. For instance, we are making our pricing reports more detailed. Our publisher and advertiser clients can now get comprehensive pricing data instantly. New, enlarged reports detailing the costs paid by the advertiser and received by the publisher for advertisements displayed on third-party websites and apps will be available to advertisers and publishers with campaigns in the European Union starting on March 6. Customers who are advertisers and publishers can Our publisher and advertiser clients have the option to just be included in the default aggregated analytics or to reveal their pricing information. The updated reports can be accessed by advertisers through the Amazon Ads interface and publishers through the Amazon Publisher Services site. 

We are also upgrading the performance measurement tools available to our advertising clients. Advertisers with campaigns executing in the European Union will be able to independently confirm the effectiveness and impact of their efforts in a cloud-based, privacy-safe environment on March 6 thanks to Amazon Ads’ new dedicated secure data environment, also known as a “clean room.” Our comprehensive measurement capabilities, which include industry-standard campaign reporting via Amazon DSP and the Amazon Ads dashboard, as well as Amazon Marketing Cloud, are enhanced and complemented by the new clean room. We also just modified the options customers have for advertising in advance of the DMA. We request consent from consumers who visit our EU shop for the use of their personal data from any Amazon service or third party for the purpose of displaying tailored advertisements. We’ve added a new help page that explains how we are changing our approach to explain the improvements. Customers are always in total control of their personal data, and by visiting our cookies and advertising choices page, they can adjust their selections at any moment.

We appreciate the valuable input that the advertisers, agencies, and publishers have given us regarding the updates we are implementing, and we look forward to working with them and the European Commission in the future complete our strategies for compliance.

You can read more details in Amazon’s DMA compliance report here.

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